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How to Sell your Used Furniture Online Fast and Easy

If you’re decluttering your home, upgrading your office or moving to a new place, selling your furniture is a headache. It requires you to put time and effort. While it is an opportunity to make money, the experience can make you feel like it is not worth the trouble. If instead of selling you prefer donating to charity, the rules about the minimum and maximum number you can give may discourage you. Selling furniture online may be the best solution. It is easy, fast and most likely to provide you with the real worth of your furniture.

To make the sale stress-free for you, here is a list of effective strategies that you can use to sell furniture that you want to get rid of.

1.    Look at the condition of your furniture

When you decide to sell your used furniture item, the first thing that you need to do is carefully examine its condition. Check for blemishes and determine how much life it has left. While it may work for you despite its imperfections, you must consider whether it is desirable for someone else.

Used furniture is definitely bound to have some blemishes. Buyers expect this. You just have to be upfront about it. As such, you should review the furniture objectively regardless of how much you love it and share details of any dents, chips, tears, stains or any other flaws.

2.    Determine the price of your furniture item

After evaluating the condition of your furniture, you can then proceed to put a price tag on it. Putting a price on your furniture is an important step. You have to come up with a reasonable price. Consider the condition, age and furniture brand to calculate the depreciation of your furniture from its original price. You can use furniture calculator to calculate the price or any other pricing tool that helps people sell furniture online.

3.    Pictures do matter so take great pictures of your furniture

Make sure that you take real life pictures of the actual item you are putting up for sale. The people buying the used piece from you need to catch a glimpse of what they are about to purchase. The used furniture market is built on trust, so you have to take pictures that depict the true condition of the item.

Before taking a photo of your furniture:

  • Clean it thoroughly
  • Remove all clutter from it
  • Use proper lighting that accentuates its good qualities
  • Take photos of your furniture’s front, back, and sides

4.    Make a creative sales pitch that can sell furniture

You need to tell your furniture’s story. A story is a key driver for buyers of furniture that is not new. They need to know the furniture’s journey. If your piece has a unique and creative story, tell it with rich details. You can share a proof of the furniture’s authenticity, its brand, style, materials, color and anything else that you may consider important to the buyer.

5.    The role of timing in selling your furniture

You have to consider the market trends when selling your furniture. These determine the price that buyers will be willing to pay for your item. It also influences how fast you will make a sale. For example, since people prefer to move during summer, used furniture is in great supply. This may not be an ideal time to sell your furniture if you want to fetch a good price from it.

6.    Be proactive and keep tabs on your competition

You can post and promote your item on multiple online platforms to increase your chances of making a sale. Be on the lookout for pieces that resemble your item. This will help you in pricing and improve your furniture to make it more attractive.